Caorle, Northern Italy, 2018
Having been to Caorle a couple of times in 2017 I was fascinated to see how many people on the beach had inflatable objects for lolling around in the sea with.
Caorle is the perfect place for these. Its beach is deep, its waters shallow and safe for a long way out ,and its temperatures in the summer are hot. You want to be in and out of the water to cool off. So its little wonder that people bring something to play with in the water or the local shops sell such a wide array of them.
I decided I wanted to capture this so I spoke to our Hotel manager in my pigeon Italian to see who I should speak to. He put me in touch with the local tourist office and advised I spoke to the local police. Both had no issue with the idea and the tourist office even welcomed it.
So the next trip I set about putting up a studio on the beach. Not an easy task as the wind there is strong. We had to drill into the sand to make the tethers 100% secure. 
Once setup my daughter and I raced around the beach asking people to take part. Some were straight in, some not. The end result is a great picture of life on holiday, and it proves whether old or young - an inflatable is still fun. 
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